Pretty Lights – Wayfaring Stranger (ft. Ralph Stanley & Leann Rimes)

This is the newest track from the before mentioned RE:GENERATION film project. Here Derek keeps his own style while collaborating with Ralph Stanley and Leanne Rimes. I’ve never been disappointed with anything PL releases and this is no different. Give “Wayfaring Stranger” a good listen, and hit the download link below.

RE-GENERATION Track- Pretty Lights Wayfaring Stranger.mp3


Soundprank – Beginnings

I know we’ve all been bumping Soundprank’s Beginnings for a bit now. Now, that the our site is rollin’ along I couldn’t help but post this banger. The Canadian Progressive House artist has caught many ears lately. And how could he not with this soothing track. Soundprank keeps it real with an aggressive baseline and then hits you with his signature classical piano. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. The Piano gets me every time!

Beginnings 1.mp3

Skrillex Ft. The Doors – Breakin’ A Sweat

Skrillex has been pumping out tracks like hot cakes. However, his quantity doesn’t effect his quality. Skrillex’s latest track features the one and only The Doors. Not many people saw the collaboration with The Doors coming. The interesting part is where the collaboration came to fruition. For the last couple months Skrillex along with five other producers have been working with director Amir Bar Lev on a film project called RE:GENERATION. Amir pairs modern producers with artists from past generations which creates an interesting dynamic. The film is set to debut early 2012 and is sure to give any music lover some goosebumps! Com’ on baby light my fire!

Skrillex feat. The Doors – Breakin a Sweat.mp3

Deadmau5 “Meowingtons Hax” Tour

Deadmau5 Meowingtons Hax Tour Visuals – Behind the Scenes from POSSIBLE on Vimeo.

I recently went to a Deadmau5 show in Chicago this past weekend and I would say it was the best Deadmau5 concert I’ve seen. For those that have seen the cube you know that it is just amazing but for the people that haven’t seen it, this video is one for you to see. It gives you a good idea about how the cube looks and how his other lights look. You also get a little peak at the computer graphics software that is used for his set. STROBE

The Similou – All This Love (Patchwork Remix)

I am always excited to hear new material from Patchwork. This guy is from Melbourne, Australia and he has been coming out with awesome remixes. I originally heard three of his tracks called “Concept”, “Dreamoni”, and “My Turn Now.” What caught my attention was his style because it was progressive and simple like the early Deadmau5 stuff I got hooked on. His sound has evolved and now is pretty unique. Check out his  where you can download all of his tracks for free.

All This Love (Patchwork Remix).mp3

Digitalism – Circles (Eric Prydz remix)

This is another massive track by Eric Prydz. He has been producing more songs as of late and I’m loving it. All his tracks are bangers so you know this is nothing different. This track has potential to become a hit.

Digitalism – Circles (Eric Prydz Remix).mp3