Dillon Francis – IDGAFOS

We posted a Steve Aoki remix a few days ago by this guy which was awesome. So if you haven’t heard that then scroll through our old postings. This track is a few weeks old but it should be heard. This is his newest single and its an electro banger. Have at it y’all.

Dillon Francis – IDGAFOS.mp3

BT & Adam K – Tomahawk

This banger is a progressive bomb waiting to go off. You can really hear both artists in this track. It goes from the progressive style into a electro choooooon. BT & Adam K are veterans in the game and they don’t disappoint.

BT & Adam K – Tomahawk (Original Mix).mp3

Skrillex Ft. The Doors – Breakin’ A Sweat

Skrillex has been pumping out tracks like hot cakes. However, his quantity doesn’t effect his quality. Skrillex’s latest track features the one and only The Doors. Not many people saw the collaboration with The Doors coming. The interesting part is where the collaboration came to fruition. For the last couple months Skrillex along with five other producers have been working with director Amir Bar Lev on a film project called RE:GENERATION. Amir pairs modern producers with artists from past generations which creates an interesting dynamic. The film is set to debut early 2012 and is sure to give any music lover some goosebumps! Com’ on baby light my fire!

Skrillex feat. The Doors – Breakin a Sweat.mp3